TechKnowFile University

Interested in finding answers to your IT questions? TechKnowFile is the perfect professional development opportunity where you can learn about everything IT at U of T.

Designed for all staff and faculty at U of T, TechKnowFile is where you can learn a practical skill, network and learn about best practices and resources.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend TechKnowFile:

  1. Learn about best practices in IT security, accessibility and usability.
  2. Learn about easy-to-use IT resources that U of T already offers.
  3. Learn a practical skill including how to build a WordPress site and how to enhance your online brand.
  4. Share your ideas for future IT projects.
  5. Join the U of T community to network with fellow staff and faculty.

It’s also free and convenient! Attend part or all of the conference.

Conference Format


A series of showcase presentations by U of T staff and sponsors on the newest technologies, best practices, creative technology uses, collaborations between technical and non-technical teams, cool tech toys such as drones and much more!


A variety of intriguing and practical subjects for all staff. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn something new and polish your skills!

Panel Discussions

Engage in discussions on various topics. Perspective matters and the Panel Discussions are here to provide the podium for different perspectives to find their common ground.

If you are attending TechKnowFile and require accessibility accommodation(s), please email its@utoronto.ca directly and we will work with you to make appropriate arrangements.

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