TKF 2018 Conference
May 3 - 4, 2018
St. George Campus, University of Toronto


The following are available presentations from TechKnowFile 2017

TechKnowFile presenters have the option to provide their slide decks after the conference, if you are a presenter and would like to share your presentation deck for the TKF Archives, please email Information Technology Services. Thank you. (Last update: February 28, 2018)

  1. Broadconnect VoIP Solution at U of T by Tony Danas and John Calvin
  2. Slack as an all in one communication platform – By Kevin Yang and John Stewart
  3. ServiceNow & ITIL . What, when, why, how? By Mike Young and Susan Sense (Coming soon)
  4. ServiceNow . Incident, Request & Svc. Cat. Mgmt By Andy Semine and Anthony Betts
  5. ServiceNow . Problem and Change Management by Rishi Aurora and Anthony Betts (Coming soon)
  6. Intro to Rapid Prototyping by Laura Klamot
  7. The OCUL Historical Topographic Map Digitization Project by Kevin Worthington
  8. Tutorial on creating fully interactive mobile-read app/website prototypes – By Evan Moir (Special note: This is a .zip file containing the PowerPoint slide deck and an .RP file, which requires Axure v8 to be viewed)
  9. Dance with JS by Xin Xiang
  10. The two-sided mobius strip of design: a developer’s guide to building applications for humans by Michael Moncada
  11. Information Risk Management Assessment Tutorial by Sue McGlashan
  12. The UTSC Library Digital Scholarship Unit by Kirsta Stapelfeldt
  13. Turning Machine Data into Real-Time Insights by John Harper and Weijun Gao
  14. Tutorial on protecting your websites and applications from cyber attacks by Sam Xu
  15. How to Present Data: More dispatches from the dataviz disaster zone by Tony Gray and Aurora Mendelsohn (Coming soon)
  16. Troll Patrol by Marden Paul