TechKnowFile / Date May 3 & 4, 2018


Building on previous years’ sessions, this year’s TKF Unconference will take place on Day 2 (April 27). The Unconference focuses on discussion and dialog rather than presentation, getting people together to talk about topics of common interest or importance.

There will be three tracks this year, 5 minute flash pitches, 10 minute lightning rounds and 20 minute longer discussions.

We are soliciting areas of interest — topics, questions, or even problems you would like to see someone speak to — as well as people interested in these areas to join the discussion. Topics will continue to be added to the TKF Unconference site.
The Unconference track will take place on the second day of the conference (April 27) at 1:15, with the sessions running from 1:30-3:00.

To suggest a topic, or speak to a topic, or to help facilitate, please email Our current list of topics (and facilitators where they have come forward) are below.

We are also looking for six people to help facilitate Unconference tracks, introducing the sessions and ensuring that talks being and end on time.

The Organizing meeting of the Unconference will be in Room IC 200 at 1:15 sharp, Thursday April 27, where sessions will be scheduled to specific rooms and times. More topics will be added as interest permits.


  • Beyond signatures – next generation antivirus – Jim Prall
  • ServiceNow Behind the Scenes — UTM team
  • Kubernetes / Containerization — No moderator
  • IT Inside and Outside the Academy – Joe Lim
  • Automation – Alan J Rosenthal
  • Immersive virtual reality for learning in higher education – Diane Michaud
  • Influencing the future: IT at the University – David Gasteiger
  • Privacy – Ashley Langille & Elisabeth Spalding
  • Security versus Compliance – Sue McGlashan
  • Life on the Edge: Divisional IT – Philip Wright
  • UX (User Experience) design — EASI UX Team
  • Research IT – Claire Yu
  • Leveraging Identity Management for Divisional / Departmental Systems – ISEA
  • DRM in the browser (EME) – do we want encrypted media extensions as a W3C standard — No moderator
  • UTSC Walking Tour: “the stark Beauty of early 60’s Cement” – Alan Prendergast


This table will continue to be updated until the Unconference track opens.


1:30 Beyond Signatures Immersive VR IT In and Out
1:50 Privacy UX Design Life on the Edge
2:10 Security vs Compliance Automation Influencing the Future
2:25 Kubernetes/Containers ServiceNow Research IT
2:40 DRM in the Browser (EME) UTSC Walking Tour Leveraging Identity

Have a great 2017 Unconference!